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Switzerland Landmarks

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Switzerland Landmarks

Château de Coppet, Coppet, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
An example of 18th-century architecture and one of the highlights of the beautiful Léman lakeside known as "La Côte". The castle overlooks the picturesque town of Coppet and the shores of the lac Léman. It is known primarily as the seat of Europe's most prestigious literary and cultural "salon" in the late-18th century. Presided over by the remarkable Madame de Stael, one of the era's few real female intellectuals, the castle became a hotbed of Romantic ideology and a refuge for liberal artists in the post-French-Revolution years.

Water Fountain, Geneva, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Originally a security valve, the Jet d'Eau water fountain is Geneva's most visible landmark, propelling 500 litres of water per second to a height of 140 metres. Visitors approach it on the Rade to experience its power and invigorating spray. In the summer months, eight 13,500-watt projectors light the fountain's majestic column in the evening as it soars skywards.

Schipfe, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
The "Schipfe" is one of Zurich's oldest districts. During the Middle Ages, it was an important crossroads for merchants. In the 16th century it became the headquarters of the silk and boatbuilding industries. Schipfe is a former fishing quarter on the banks of the Limmat River which takes its name from the nautical term schupfen (push). Roam its picturesque cobbled lanes to find art workshops, boutiques and bohemian-style cafes.

Flower Clock, Geneva, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Set in the oak-fringed Jardin Anglais on the Left Bank is the Flower Clock. Geneva's most famous timepiece is planted with 6,500 plants and flowers. Celebrating Switzerland's watch-making industry, the clock blooms with the seasons and lures crowds of horticulturalists.

International Museum of the Reformation, Geneva, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Retraces the history of the Reformation movement initiated by John Calvin, recounting its epic history from the 16th century onwards through objects, books, manuscripts, paintings and engravings.

Fraumünster, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
The former church of Zurich's noblewomen has 9th-11th-century foundation remains. Its highlight is Marc Chagall's stained-glass windows, best seen when illuminated by the first rays of sunlight.

Lindenhof, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
A lime tree-fringed Lindenhof square is where avid chess players meet and locals kick back in the sunshine. Former site of the Roman castle, it offers sweeping views over the city's spires, red rooftops and Limmat River.

Grossmünster, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
One of the three major churches of Zurich, the others being the Fraumünster and St Peter. Its heart goes back to a church commissioned by Charles the Fat around 1100, completed around 1220. The towers were completed in 1942 in Sweden but it originally had high wooden steeples, which were destroyed by fire in 1781. Huldrych Zwingli initiated the Reformation in Switzerland in 1520 from his office at the Grossmünster.

St-Pierre Cathedral, Geneva, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Built between 1160 and 1232, it retains an austere atmosphere and must have been the perfect setting for John Calvin, who preached here from 1536-1564. St-Pierre Cathedral fuses Romanesque, Gothic and neoclassical styles. Climb North Tower for far-reaching views over Lake Geneva to Mont Blanc. The cathedral's subterranean archaeological site hides a 4th-century baptistery and intricate 5th-century mosaics.

Museum of Swiss Cutlery, Geneva, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
La Maison Fontaine, one of Geneva's oldest shops, has opened a small museum of Swiss cutlery on its premises. Items on display include the very first Swiss knife (made in 1891) or cutting-edge, multi-use knife with 200 features.

Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Lausanne's Casino de Montbenon is home to the famous Paderewski Hall, where numerous concerts are held each year, the Swiss Cinémathèque and the Grand Café. The Casino's gardens are as stunning as its situation, with its back to the mountains facing the lake.

Fluntern Cemetery, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Houses some eminent graves, including those of James Joyce and his wife Nora, as well as Elias Cannetti, who won the 1981 Nobel Prize for Literature, and Johanna Spyri, the author of Heidi.

Flussbad Oberer Letten, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
A place to swim in Zurich's city centre when things get too hot. The popular river haunt is surrounded by bars and restaurants for post-swim sustenance.

Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
A dedicated to the world's so-called "primitive" civilisations. Opened in 1977, it now boasts over 7000 items including art from the tribal and classical antiquity, sculptures, fabrics and ornaments. The collection also includes a unique series of megalithic monuments from Indonesia, a well-known collection of Indonesian jewels, ancient masks and African shields, statues and items of worship from Oceania, as well as some unique pieces of pre-Columbian art.

Martin Bodmer Foundation, Cologny, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
Situated in the peaceful village of Cologny, just outside Geneva, this exceptional collection is the life's work of collector, writer and editor Martin Bodmer (1899-1971). Ranking among the world's most important private libraries, the Fondation Martin Bodmer reflects the adventure of the human intellect since the dawn of writing. It gathers approximately 160,000 documents in 80 languages which include a few hundred Western and Oriental manuscripts, as well as 270 incunabula (books printed before 1500), and one of the few surviving copies of the Gutenberg Bible.

St Peter's Church, Zürich, Switzerland Popular Places and Landmarks
The city's oldest church, dating from pre-900 AD, it also claims Europe's largest church clock face at 8.7 metres in diameter.
Other features of the church include its late Romanesque-Gothic tower, choir stalls dating back to the early 13th century, a Baroque nave (1705/06) and Stucco work by Salomon Bürkli from Zurich and Franz Schmutzer from Wessobrunn. The church stands slightly raised up at the top of a flight of stairs, at the bottom of which a lovely courtyard-style square makes for a good spot to have a rest away from the bustle of the city.

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