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Switzerland Holiday Vacation Trips offers travel tips and information for top travel places and best destinations. We feature links, resources and large selection of budget airlines, chartered planes, sea cruises, ferries, travel agencies, land transports and attractions including beaches, medical tourism, retirement homes, historical and pilgrimage tours.

Hotels and Resorts in Switzerland, Europe

Alexander Hotel Basel

Central Hotel Basel - located behind the five star hotel Euler

Euler Hotel Basel -

Europe Hotel Basel -

Radisson Sas Hotel Basel - centrally located overlooking a large main road near the station and main shopping area

Switzerlandotel Hotel Basel - part of the main congress centre of Basel and is just a short stroll from the Rhine

Allegro Hotel Berne - actually part of the Berne "Kursaal", which incorporates a casino, various restaurants and meetng facilities

Ambassador Hotel Berne - located in quiet surroundings, on the outskirts of the city centre, in a predominantly residential neighbourhood

Baren Hotel Berne - ideally situated in the centre of Berne, on one of the city's main shopping streets

Bellevue Palace Hotel Berne - centrally located next to the 'Bundeshaus'

Bern Hotel Berne -located in the heart of Berne's charming old town on a semi-pedestrianised side street

Bristol Hotel Berne - ideally situated in the centre of Berne, just a short walk from the railway station and parliament

City Hotel Berne -situated in the centre of Berne, opposite the main railway station and just a few steps away from the city's famous shopping arcades

Continental Hotel Berne - located in the heart of Bern's charming old town on a semi-pedestrianised side street

Kreuz Hotel Berne - situated in the heart of Berne, close to the shops and railway station

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Switzerland Politics: Swiss Direct Democracy - Switzerland Cantons - Switzerland Map

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Switzerland Sports - Switzerland Culture - Switzerland Shopping - Switzerland Famous Landmarks

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Geneva Attractions - Zurich Attractions - Lugano Attractions - Locarno Attractions - Lucerne Attractions
St. Moritz Attractions - Lausanne Attractions - Zermatt Attractions - Swiss Alps Attractions
Montreux Attractions - Interlaken Attractions

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