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Swiss Alps Tourist Attractions

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Swiss Alps Tourist Attractions

Switzerland is located in Central Europe. Bordered by Germany to the north, Austria to the east, Italy to the south and France to the west, Switzerland covers a very small area. Switzerland has a temperate climate but with changes in altitude, the climate can be cold, rainy/snowy, cool and humid.

Covering an area of almost 60% of Switzerland, the Alps Mountain Range covers most of Switzerland extending from France and leveling out further into Austria. With the Alps mountain system in the south and the Jura in the northwest, mountains form the majority of the Swiss terrain causing The Alps Mountain to be known as Swiss Alps.

Highest Peaks in the Swiss Alps

Dufourspise (15,203 feet),
Dom (14,913 feet)
Matterhorn (14,691 feet)

Switzerland is home to thousands of glaciers covering over one thousand square miles. Some of the longest rivers in Europe such as the Rhine and the Rhone originate in the Swiss Alps. The other mountain range of Switzerland is the Jura, situated along the French border, north of the Alps. "Jura" in Celtic means "forest" and the mountain system is considerably smaller than the Swiss Alps. The area between the Jura and Alps is known as the Bernese Mittelland or "Middle Land". Covering an area of 23% of Switzerland, It is a central plateau consisting of rolling hills. The area is tempered with cold winds called "Bise" from the northwest and pronounced warm gusts from the south called "Föhn". Swiss Alps ideal for ice skiing, skating, water surfing and other adventure sports and the favourite of nature and adventure buffs.

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